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Here is another example of a Force power that the Modern Jedi has access to.  While it doesn’t work like it does in the movies the Jedi Mind Trick can still be an effective tool that can be used when needed.

The Jedi Mind Trick used by the Modern Jedi Knight is really no trick at all, it is simply using the ego of another person against them.  Unlike the Modern Jedi, the everyday person spends much of their time trapped in their ego, thinking about the past or the future while neglecting the present and not being mindful of the moment.  You can use this to your advantage if need be.

Imagine you are walking down a street late at night and you see a group of people up ahead walking towards you.  Since you are a mindful Jedi your intuitive sense to the Force is telling you to be cautious.  You have many options of what you can do in this situation, the Jedi Mind Trick is one of them.  You can start to limp or feign some other type of physical manifestation.  You can start talking to yourself to make them think that you are mentally disturbed in some way.  While there are many options as to what you can do, your goal of using the Jedi Mind Trick is to remove any interest in you from the approaching group of people who have you concerned.  By making yourself to appear weak and unchallenging you remove any fun to be gained by them making a sport of you.

Caution must be exercised, however, as by making yourself to appear weak and unchallenging you might also make yourself more of a target.  Proper discretion must be used.  However, even if you do make an errant choice or find yourself in an unavoidable situation you can still use the element of surprise to your advantage should they decide to move in against you.

Remember, the Jedi uses the Force in defense and it is never used to attack in an offensive manner.  Your best defense is to never get into any type of confrontation in the first place.  If you accomplish that you will be the victor.

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