Having been battling with a rather large weight gain since quitting the deathsticks and suffering my shoulder injury I have been exercising and trying to lose the weight with little to no success. Feeling disappointed with the status quo I have been looking around lately in an effort to find something that will provide that spark of motivation to get out and do something and have it work. I think I have finally found that spark.

It comes from a guy named Mark Sisson, author of the blog Marks Daily Apple. He has a book out, linked to at the end of the post, called The Primal Blueprint. I am only half-way through the book but I think I may have finally found what I am looking for. It encompasses an easy eating style and promotes play as exercise, much like previous posts about MovNat and Exuberant Animal have done.

My plan is to follow the eating plan detailed in the book and follow my own plan of “play” for the exercise, which will consist of martial arts practice, lightsaber practice, MovNat and parkour, and some resistance training.

I will have the book finished in the next couple days and will keep you updated on my progress.