The Force

In the Star Wars™ universe, it was widely believed that you needed to have a high midichlorian count in order to be sensitive to the Force. It was later grudgingly revealed that almost all living things could create a miniscule connection to the Force with the proper training. Lucky for us, things are different here for us on Earth as the Force is in all living things. Certain people will have an easier time connecting to the Force than others will, and some individuals may attain a deeper connection to the Force, but by and large each of us has the same capability to interact with the Force as all other human beings on the face of the planet.

It is the opinion of those of us here at the Modern Jedi Knight website that the Force is pure in its essence and energy, impossible to fully know or label. That is a contrast to the Star Wars™ saga, with its differing aspects of light, dark, cosmic, and living. The Modern Jedi Knights believe that these labels are not aspects of the Force in itself, but aspects of the Force user and how they interact with the Force. Even though we don’t believe these aspects are “sides” of the Force, in order to maintain consistency with the Star Wars™ universe we will use these labels, with it being understood that we are referring to the Force user and their effect on the Force rather than the Force itself.

The light side of the Force is the one we are most familiar with. It is the “good” side of the Force, used by those who act on the behalf of others without the concern of personal enrichment or benefit. Interaction with the light side of the Force is effortless and is accomplished when one is calm and at peace. The light side of the Force has a very narrow “entry path”, meaning it is difficult to learn in the beginning, but as you walk the path you find it gets wider and wider while on the light side.

Opposite of the light side is the dark side of the Force. It is the “evil” side of the Force, used by practitioners who are concerned with greedy personal advancement or profit. The dark side of the Force, in contrast to the light side, is not effortless. It requires the user to, for a lack of a better word, steal the Force from the natural surroundings with conscious effort instead of simply letting the Force come to you. It is because of this relationship that the dark side of the Force leaves its users feeling emotionally, mentally, and physically drained after use. Unlike the light side of the Force, the path to the dark side of the Force is very wide and easy to begin walking down, but as you advance you are further locked in the dark path, and it gets narrower and narrower as you continue.

We find that there are similar distinctions between the living and cosmic Force. Whether you agree with us is up to you, we do not force (sorry for the pun) our interpretations of the Force on anybody. If you have a different belief we would like to hear from you.

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