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Welcome to the Modern Jedi Knight site

Hello, Jedi!  Whether you stumbled across us by chance (just one of the ways the Force leads you where you need to be) or a frequent visitor, please feel free to take a look around the site.  Here you will find ways to train as the Jedi Knights of the Republic did, using the fiction as a source of inspiration while employing real, current, and relevant techniques and technologies.  Use the navigation menu above to take a look around at our static pages, click on HOME to read the latest news, thoughts, inspirations, and updates, or look below to see what the Modern Jedi Knight has to offer you.

What you will get from this site in 30 seconds or less

The Modern Jedi Knights site will show you how to train as a real-life, modern day Jedi Knight.  Instead of “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away“, you will train here and now, on Earth and in the 21st century.  This website will show you how to prepare your total and entire self in a holistic manner, training the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Republic (the connection to Earth and Humanity), in a way as close to the fictional Jedi Knights as possible while delivering real-world results, absolutely free of charge. The Modern Jedi Knight will teach you not just to survive, but to thrive, by providing the tools, inspiration, and knowledge to help turn you into a true protector of the innocent who is also extremely satisfied in life.  The Modern Jedi Knight will provide product reviews, book reviews, and website recommendations if they can be used as a tool to help you reach your goal.  I will also discuss current events and how they relate to the Modern Jedi Knight, keep up with the latest Star Wars (TM) news, and do it all while having fun and being light-hearted yet reverent.   The purpose of Jedi training is to make you a complete person, one who is happy, energetic, healthy, connected, centered, and maybe even enlightened.

The basic premise

The Modern Jedi Knight project started out of necessity for myself.  Inspired by the Jedi Knights of the movies, I started down my own path in training.  I soon realized that there were numerous websites out there, along with numerous groups who met both locally and online, but yet none of them covered everything I felt was needed.  Some would only cover lightsaber fighting, a rather pointless training exercise when done by itself.  However, when incorporated into other training that same exercise suddenly takes on meaning.  Others only focused on the mental or spiritual aspects of the training.  I realized the folly of training this way, and without having any source of reference to train as I felt was necessary I was compelled to do the research and create my own training methodology.  The Modern Jedi Knight project encompasses your entire person by training the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Republic (the term I use for our connection to humanity, our sense of brotherhood, our tribe, our clan).  It is only throughout this completely holistic training that you will be able to realize your goal of becoming a Modern Jedi Knight.

Who is the author of the Modern Jedi Knights site?

For right now I would rather keep my name obscure, however it can easily be found if you look hard enough.  What I do feel comfortable sharing right now is that I am a 40 year old airline pilot, a happily married man and the father of three beautiful children, and I live in a suburb of Denver, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.  I train in the martial arts and also train in the use of modern firearms along with all of the other training I recommend on this site.  When not working on this project I enjoy cooking for my family, spending time outdoors with my family, golfing, learning the Japanese language, and exploring the mountains while camping, hiking, and four-wheeling.

What this is

The Modern Jedi Knights is a blog site, an online forum, a place for teaching and discussion, and an online training hall where people who are inspired by the fictional Jedi Knights of the Star Wars (TM) franchise.  It is part of the Modern Jedi Knight project, something I first thought of back in 2005, put online in a plain old static website form in 2006, and changed to its current format in 2009.  In that time I have aspired to write something every weekday but since this is all done by myself and life gets in the way I don’t always reach that goal.  But if you visit the site daily or sign up to receive the emails of the posts you will learn something new, receive inspiration and motivation, push your critical thinking skills to the limit, and learn how to incorporate your Jedi training into your everyday life almost every day.

What this is not

The Modern Jedi Knight project is not a place for me to preach.  I don’t know everything, I am not the sage living on the top of the mountain.  Throughout my research when I first started this project in 2005 the concept has changed dramatically.  For example, the holistic concept of the Republic wasn’t added until last year, and I firmly believe that the project will continue to evolve and remain dynamic until I rejoin the Force.

The Modern Jedi Knight project is not a place for role-playing fanboys, handing out titles of delusion and grandeur along with cheaply made Jedi robes fashioned from a dyed set of bedsheets.

The Modern Jedi Knight project is not entrenched in fiction and fantasy.  While we do indeed take inspiration from the fictional Jedi Knights all of the training is based upon principles, methods, concepts, and styles that are currently in use across the globe.  We fully realize that lightsabers don’t exist (yet!), but we can train for them by training with the sword and still gain the same benefit that the fictional Jedi gained in their training.

The Modern Jedi Knight project is not a cult or religion.  There are other places like that on the web but that is not here.  You can practice any current faith you have while still training as a Modern Jedi Knight.

The Modern Jedi Knight project is not an online dojo or training hall.  One major push of the Modern Jedi Knight project is to get people off of their computer and get out into nature.  I also realize that training online through text and video is not the best way to train certain aspects of yourself, such as the martial arts, and encourage you to get training in your local area from qualified teachers using this site as a supplement to guide your development.