Did you enjoy watching those videos? If so, there are many more at the Star Wars: The Old Republic website.

What did you think of the Jar’Kai with a lightsaber and a saberstaff?  Pretty impressive, I guess next it will be two saberstaffs at the same time to top that.  Either that or some new weapon we haven’t seen yet.

As I said yesterday, it was an “epic” video, and the other videos only corroborate that.  So what is next?  I really enjoy The Clone Wars but I wish they had not used the style of animation in use.  I much prefer the more realistic looking computer generated animation like you see on these trailers.  I would definitely pay money to watch a movie composed of these trailers.  The plot is gripping, the effects are mesmerizing, and it is Star Wars, what else do I need to say?  I am not the only one thinking this.

What about the live action television show we were supposed to have?  Is that still in the works?  If so and you need a Jedi, drop me a line.  I need to be an alien, though, or something with a mask.  Any other position at LucasFilm would be fine as well (if you are reading), need a corporate pilot?

More movies?  The rumor mill goes crazy over this.  I would hope to see another movie in my lifetime with the story either following ROTJ or going into the Expanded Universe.  Will I be lucky enough?  Not even Yoda would know right now.

With Celebration VI coming up next year it only shows that the love for the Star Wars galaxy is only increasing.  I hope that I can pass this passion onto my grandchildren and stand in line with them at the Holotheater for the a new theatrical release.  Enough ramblings, back to continuing my training.