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Hasbro, the new producer of the Force FX Lightsabers, has a website out called Join the Jedi.  The two parts of this that I find so interesting are the Instant Win (purple screen) and the Jedi Training (green screen) sections.  There is a section where you can upload your own Jedi lightsaber move and have it incorporated into The Clone Wars television series but, unfortunately for me, you have to be under 18 and I am missing that by a wide margin.

Obviously, if I can instanly win a $120 lightsaber I would be extremely thrilled, although I haven’t had any luck yet.  You can play once a day, after registering, through the end of the year.  May the Force be with you if it isn’t with me on this!

The Jedi Training sections I also find to be extremely interesting and well done.  There are five levels presented and each of these levels represent their respective numbered forms of lightsaber combat that the Jedi are trained in.  It shows how the forms build upon themselves, talks about when it would be appropriate to use a certain form, and the strengths and weaknesses of the forms.  Whoever produced the videos did a very good job because they, like the movies, incorporated actual sword training and techniques into the videos.

Give the site a try, watch the videos, and begin to incorporate the training into your own lightsaber regimen.  If you are able to upload a video please share it with us so we can see how you do.