Last week I had the opportunity to take an introductory class to rock climbing and belaying.  I found out about the introductory class and got a really good deal by using Groupon.  If you are curious as to what type of services are available in your area, click here and select your city.

What does this have to do with the Jedi?  For starters, the Jedi were skilled in many different tasks as one could never really know what action or opportunity was going to present itself.  Running through open forest, climbing inside of large space stations, and swimming and fighting underwater are just a few examples of the many different capabilities that were required of the Jedi.

But this also has to do with one of the fundamental concepts of the Jedi and the Force.  For the Jedi their task is to not just learn and obtain knowledge but to take that knowledge, pair it with experience, and turn it into wisdom.  This prepares them to take what they know and apply it to the unknown in the most positive manner.

So now you are probably saying to yourself, “What does a rock climbing class have to do with training as a Jedi, besides the obvious need to possibly having to climb up a cliff face?”  Rock climbing is a perfect example of what could be considered essential to a Jedi in training.  It requires endurance, strength, mobility (some call this flexibility) and courage.  But it also requires mindfulness and being in the moment, which as we have discussed before is a requirement for attunement to the Force.

It isn’t just rock climbing, though.  There are many opportunities that are made available on Groupon and other similar websites that will achieve the same desired results.  When you go outside of your comfort zone and push the limits you begin to understand impermanence and the frailty of life.  As most cancer survivors or other disaster survivors know, your time on this rock called Earth is pretty short and you only get so much time.  As Sting said in a USA Today article, “You can be depressed by that, or you can say, “I’m going to appreciate every minute to its maximum potential.”

Stop and smell the roses, be in the moment, lose your attachment, and experience the freedom that the Force will give you.  And who knew that you could find it in your inbox?