One of the reasons that meditation is so important to the Modern Jedi is because it quiets the mind while teaching and enhancing mindfulness in everyday life.  It is in these moments that you will be able to listen to the Force talking to you, usually sensed and categorized as instinct or intuition.

But instinct isn’t just something that you experience through the mind.  Your body is highly involved in the experience as well.  We know this because of how we colorfully describe instinct and intuition as something you “feel in your gut” or “feel in your bones”, using your “gut instincts”, or “knowing in your heart”.  When you are experiencing a positive instinct your body will often provide noticeable cues, such as distinct feeling of relaxation throughout your body, getting goose bumps or feeling a tingling in your extremities, breathing easily, feeling warm throughout your core or entire body, or even having a sharpening of the senses.  Along the same line, when you are instinctively warned of a bad situation by the hair standing up on the back of your neck or your arms, being fidgety, feeling drained, pain or discomfort in your head, chest, or core, or feeling a chill when the temperature is not cold.

Your ability to pick up on your instincts warning of danger or a bad scenario is easier than it is to pick up on the positive instincts.  The human brain is wired and primed to sense and react to fear, one of the major pitfalls that can lead to the dark side.  By practicing meditation you will allow your body to pick up the mental and physical aspects of intuition in the positive realm.  By continued practice you will quiet the clutter of the mind, allowing you to sense the subtler positive intuitive senses, and soon notice that you receive a significantly higher amount of positive instinctual feelings than negative which will tell you that you are indeed on the right path in your quest to live as  Jedi.

EDIT:  My apologies on this post.  For some reason it didn’t flow and feels forced.  The writing is jilted and stagnant.  I will revisit this post soon and make something that is easy and enjoyable to read.