forceawakens-hv-tallYikes, better late than never I guess.

I fully understand why the Jedi don’t have families or children.  It isn’t about precautions against creating a whole lineage of Force sensitive individuals, nor is it about attachment.  It is, quite simply, about time.  If we were as busy as the fictional Jedi were, by being deployed all across the galaxy at a moments notice, there wouldn’t be time for family.  And when you spend your time with family a Jedi doesn’t get much time to train beyond the bare essentials.  And they get even less time to write.

With all that said, I have made small progress on the book.  I am making the final finishing touches to another formal book proposal submission and will have that emailed by the end of the week if all goes well.  I haven’t been resting on my laurels, however, as I have been working on some artwork for both the book and for a t-shirt idea (which is just going to be wizard!) (I know, I know, TPM face palm).  forceawakens-bluray-combo-target-768x913

Announced just today is the release schedule for The Force Awakens to be viewed at home in the US.  You either have a little less than a month to wait or a little longer than a month to wait, depending upon your viewing preference.  As of right now it looks like Target has the best deal for the pre-order as they have additional content not available from other retailers.  Steel boxes or special packaging and other little farkles and doodads and hocus pocus don’t really interest me.

The announcement later this month regarding the book should be quite momentous as I anticipate having the book completed.  Then it will just be a wait to see if I self-publish or find someone to do traditional publishing. Stay tuned and sign up for our email newsletter at the bottom of the page to ensure you get every update posted here.