star-wars-force-awakens-official-poster-691x1024Greetings and happy autumn to all my fellow Jedi!

The book continues to make progress.  The last week has been a little rough as I have been recovering from strep throat but with a bottle full of bacta I am making a good recovery.  I have a trip coming up that will allow me over 20 hours of time to work on the book.  I am looking to make significant progress in the next few days and am still looking forward to releasing the ebook before The Force Awakens!SW-THE-FORCE-AWAKENS

The latest trailer, a full length one released during Monday Night Football, has lots of people talking.  The story line is starting to come together and many people are talking about the absence of the most inspirational and prolific Jedi.  I am still on a self-imposed media and information blackout so I am only gathering information released through the official sources.  I wonder how close I will be.