I must admit that last year I had been somewhat of a lazy Jedi.  No blog posts, only some intermittent writing, but plenty of excuses.  I had started to succumb to the dark side of laziness and sloth.  But that has indeed changed.

It wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution, it is something that had started back in early December.  Part of it is increased self-discipline.  Part of it is technological changes that allow me to write in many more locations and without having the need for internet access.  Part of it is a change in thought processes, knowing that I don’t need “an uninterrupted hour to write”, I can chip away at it one sentence at a time.

There are going to be many changes coming in my life in the next few months that are going to make things very hectic for a while. I realized that if I don’t get this book done soon, that if I wait for the perfect opportunity to come along, that I am not going to follow through and finish this project at any point in the near future. And that would be bad for both you and me. Bad for you because, while I don’t think I have all of the answers, I believe that if you read this book you will improve your life in some way, whether you want to be a Jedi or not. Bad for me because this book is forcing me to thoroughly examine my thoughts and beliefs and without it I would have made no spiritual progress in the last six years.

So, where are we at? The first four chapters are complete and now I am tackling what I truly believe to be the “meat and potatoes” of the book. Chapter 5, The Jedi Mind, is the largest chapter in the book and contains a ton of information and it is almost completed. The remaining five chapters will be much easier to write as I already have much of the outline for these chapters laid out and the associated data ready to insert. Once writing is complete I will work on the illustrations, a task that should only add a few weeks to the publishing date.

In regards to publishing I am planning on releasing the book as an e-book through Amazon and will work on getting it published in a traditional format after that. If I can’t get a publisher to be interested I will be self-publishing a limited number of books for those who are interested.

I want to thank everyone for their continued patience. The book will be worth the wait but I will be the first to admit that you should have already had the finished product in your hands and have read it by now. You will have it soon, I promise.

And just in case you want to watch the entire Lazy Jedi video, here it is for your enjoyment.