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If you saw the Star Wars™ movies and became interested in becoming a true equivalent of the Jedi Knight, your search and training prior to the inception of the Modern Jedi Knight website would have been extremely difficult, random, and time-consuming. You would have spent your time searching the internet for websites which were devoted to certain limited aspects of being a modern Jedi Knight. If you wanted information on constructing your own lightsaber you could have spent hours looking through many different websites to learn how. If you wanted to learn how to employ that newly created lightsaber correctly in mock or stage dueling, you could have spent hours looking at a whole different slew of websites. If you wanted information on the Force, it could be found on a vast number of websites as well. Now imagine you are looking deeper into the subject, and you want information on meditation, costuming, martial arts, weaponry, and all things Star Wars™. Nothing could be considered an all-inclusive source of information, and you would have a sizable collection of bookmarks if you wanted links to all of this information.

But now, the Modern Jedi Knights and this website are here.

The Modern Jedi Knights sprung forth from its sister organization, the Mile High Jedi, when it was realized that this information needed a wider audience than just the Jedi living in Colorado. The Mile High Jedi started in 2006 as a group of Star Wars™ enthusiasts who wanted to get together and share their joy of lightsabers while learning the stage techniques and methods of staged lightsaber dueling. Even though the individuals never actually met prior to the inception of this site, these members did converse via message boards and share some good information with each other.

It became apparent that there was much interest in being a Jedi realist besides the mock dueling with lightsabers, and that started the ball rolling for what you see before you know. While still in its infancy, the Mile High Jedi and the Modern Jedi Knights have grown from an establishment originally meant to teach stage techniques of lightsaber dueling to one that exists to promote your own growth through mental, physical, and spiritual stimulation and training as similar to the fictional Jedi as we can provide in this galaxy.

While training to become a Jedi is a challenging and daunting task not to be taken lightly, the Modern Jedi Knights are also here to provide entertainment and less demanding opportunities if that is the path you choose. Perhaps you only want to learn lightsaber dueling and spin moves, the Modern Jedi Knights can help you with that. Perhaps you choose to be a more pacifistic Jedi and will not train with the lightsaber, the Modern Jedi Knights can help you with that also. While we believe that your training should be all-encompassing we also believe that a little training is better than no training at all.

So we invite you to take a look around the website, learn what you can, and if you feel you have some insight to provide please feel free to do so. Nothing here is written in stone, as the Jedi need to be able to adapt to all situations when needed. Be sure to check back often as we plan to make many grand announcements in the near future. And if you are in town, be certain to try and make arrangements to meet up with the Mile High Jedi.