Saberstaff Lightsaber Tutorials

Spin Tutorial # 16

Front Spin with Hand Switch

A basic hand switch incorporating a spin.

Learn it with both your dominant and submissive hand.

Spin Tutorial # 17

Saberstaff Reverse Windmill

It looks like the Reverse Windmill with a dual staff configuration, but is done with the saberstaff.  Incorporates a kick out method at the end.

Spin Tutorial # 18

One-Handed Saberstaff Spin

Two different methods on how to spin the saberstaff using only one hand.

Learn it with both your dominant and submissive hand.

Spin Tutorial # 19

Advancing Spins with a Strike

Here you get to do it all.  Multiple spins, a twist, and a strike.

Spin Tutorial # 20

Behind the Back Spin with a Hand Switch

Be sure to lean forward like Bandit says, or this one could get pricey.

Spin Tutorial # 21

Behind the Back Spin and Frontal Spin with Two Hand Switches

A beautiful combination of Spin Tutorials # 20 and #16

Spin Tutorial # 22

Saberstaff Windmill

Figure Eights and hand switches galore.  It doesn't look like much going slow, but is very impressive when done with speed and confidence.

Spin Tutorial # 23

Advancing Spins with a Strike II

A variation of Spin Tutorial #19.

Spin Tutorial # 24

Figure Eight Upswing

  You can generate some serious blade speed when you get proficient in this spin.

Spin Tutorial # 25

Behind the Neck Spin

A hand switch where you spin the saberstaff behind you.

Spin Tutorial # 26

Spin with Back Hand Switch

Taking the spin you learned in Spin Tutorial #16, you can now add this hand switch to the end.